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    4/21/17 - Lucile Collection, God Slayer, King of the Week & Max Character :
    Lucile Collection
    Lvl 75+: Lucile has a new collection available in which you need to defeat powerful protectors in singular combat. To track your collections, head over to the Collections page.

    God Slayer
    The Seventh wave of the God Slayer has been released. Search for Phoenix Slayer to see who you need to defeat next to raise your God Slayer skill.

    King of the Week
    We have updated the King of the Week set. The set bonus was raised from 3000 ATK / 6000 HP to 4000 ATK / 10000 HP. Also each Elemental Damage has gone from 150 to 350 if the item had Elemental Damage on it.

    Max Character Slot Upgrade
    A lot of you have been asking for ability to get more character slots on your RGA since some players currently have 75/25 from the server merge in 2015. Well this option is now available to everyone. Check out the treasury for the +25 Character Slots to start building your RGA even bigger.
    This item will unlock character slots for both servers no matter which server you purchase the item on.

    4/14/17 - War of Zhul:
    The War of Zhul invasion has been put to a stop. Herrivon, Mercenary of War is now vulnerable. Defeat him before he has a chance to retreat!

    Click here to raid Herrivon, Mercenary of War.

    Congratulations to the Summoning Shard Contest winners, please submit a support ticket to claim your prizes.

    Brutus will remain in Diamond City with the Summoning Shards and Augments of Zhul quests until Herrivon has been killed on both servers.