Welcome to the Diamond City Challenge Arena! Here you will test your combat skills against some of the city's most powerful gladiators.

All combatants above level 40 are able to enter the Challenge Arena at the Bronze entry level. Higher level combatants have the option to enter the Silver and Gold levels.

You will be able to obtain 3 tokens per day by claiming them above. You can only claim 3 tokens per day on each Rampid Account, however you can use them on any character on that account. You will also be limited to having a maximum amount of 30 tokens on your RGA at any given time. You can also choose to purchase tokens in order to speed up the process of obtaining the challenge sets.

Hand in your tokens to the Challenge Masters inside the Challenge Arena to begin each quest. You will be required to prove your abilities throughout the world before returning to the arena to face more powerful champions. The champion at the end of each quest has a chance to drop a "Rare" and "Epic" item. The "Epic" item drop is a cache which when activated will award you the 2 named items from the corresponding set.

The Participant Coins earned by completing the challenge quests reward you for your persistent effort in the arena. Hand them in to the Challenge Trainers in the Challenge Arena to obtain bonus set items of your choice.

The Challenge Caches each award 2 items from the corresponding set.
The order of gear slots are as follows:
Cache 1: Helm & Boots
Cache 2: Neck & Belt
Cache 3: Shield & Ring
Cache 4: Chest & Legs
Cache 5: Core and Weapon