3/1/24 - New Triworld Sanctuary Quest & War of Zhul Warning:
Lvl 92: Trelon in the Triworld Sanctuary is offering a new quest called Sanctuary Skirmish.

The next War of Zhul nears! Scouts report a large army heading for Diamond City that will reach the gates on March 15th at 7am OW Time. Prepare for war!

This event we have increased the health of the server boss, along with reducing the amount of Interstellar Vessels and replacing them with Wrathful Orbs and more Erupting Augments.
2/22/24 - Gladiator of Loyalty:
A new gladiator has been added to the Gladiator Arena. The Gladiator of Loyalty tests both overall power and loyalty to factions. Similar to previous gladiators the top 50 overall damage dealers will receive ranked Loyalty Chests containing Triworld Gladiator Marks. Ranked Specialty Chests will also be awarded to the top 15 damage dealers from each faction, with chances of receiving a Codex or rare quest items to create 2 new augments. Each character can receive specialty rewards from only 1 faction per spawn which is determined by the active faction when the highest damage attack occured. Changing faction after setting your highest damage will not affect your ranking unless you improve your damage. Further information on loot can be found on the gladiator page.

The Triworld Treasurer is offering 5 quests to exchange Triworld Gladiator Marks for a Recharge the Fury, Spark the Fury or a Catalyst of Momentum for each faction which can be exchanged with the faction emissaries.

The Gladiator Engineer is offering 2 quests to obtain new augments by exchanging rare items found in Specialty Chests. The Augment of Loyalty can be earned by exchanging a Triad of Loyalty.

The Triworld Titan Augment can be earned by exchanging an Alvar, Delruk and Vordyn Titan Soul.

2/16/24 - New Triworld Sanctuary Quest:
Lvl 92: Trelon in the Triworld Sanctuary is offering a new quest called Triworld Training.
2/9/24 - New Catalyst - Amalgamation:
New tasks have been set by Ravar to test your abilities against powerful Amalgamation raids. These 3-man raids can be spawned by obtaining Amalgamation Blossoms from the Triworld Simulation or Animation of Versatility (Blossoms will also be available from upcoming gladiator and god updates). Amalgamation raids will drop a guaranteed 3 Catalysts of Amalgamation (faction specific), have a chance to drop Codexes and have a rare chance to drop Deathwalker gear.

As a reminder, there are less than 3 days to enter the Superbowl pool. Entries will close when the game starts.