7/1/22 - Trial of Power Alert & New Arcane Dimension Quests:
The next installment of the Trial of Power is imminent. Arkron and his minions will arrive at the Rallis docks on the 15th of July at 7am OW Time.

Lvl 90: Aristo in the Arcane Dimension is offering 3 new quests called Conjuring Elementals, Abolishing the Enemy and Arcane Restoration.
6/22/22 - General Updates:
- After choosing a mass-select option in the backpack, double clicking an item now selects all of the same item.
- The Crew Cap Status has been removed.
- Players can now access the Manage Augments page without having an augment.
- Spirit of Nar Zhul drop rate increased by 50%.
- Spirit of Windstrike drop rate increased by 50%.
- Soul of Lord Karvaz drop rate increased by 65%.
- 5x Elemental Mastery drop rates increased by 30%.
- Spirit of Nafir drop rate increased by 30%.
6/17/22 - New Arcane Dimension Quest:
Lvl 90: Aristo in the Arcane Dimension is offering a new quest called Advancing the Troops.
6/10/22 - First of its kind on Outwar - Guardian Ethereal Souls:
The Ethereal Souls of many guardians of Diamond City have recently been extracted and can now be purchased and traded on the open market!

In addition to owning the soul as part of your collection, the player that owns the Ethereal Soul of a guardian will receive bonus points any time it is slain!

Head over to https://outwar.com/metamask to learn more about how to connect a Metamask wallet and view the available NFTs. The first round of Ethereal Souls will be listed at auction for 7 days. This is your chance to own a piece of Outwar!

Q: What is an Ethereal Soul?
A: It's an NFT of an Outwar guardian, the first of its kind. When the guardian is defeated, the player who holds the soul will gain points. The NFT will also appear in your profile.

Q: What is an NFT?
A: An NFT is a token stored on a blockchain (Ethereum). Only a single one of each type will ever exist.

Q: What's the advantage of owning an NFT over a regular item in Outwar?
A: An NFT can be traded on any public market for cryptocurrency. That means it can be sold at a later date if you desire (possibly for more than you paid!).

Q: Will there be more Outwar NFTs?
A: To start, we've issued tokens to represent the top 10 largest point dropping guardians in Outwar. These tokens will always be unique and no more will ever be issued. We may issue tokens for additional guardians down the road. We may also issue tokens for other parts of Outwar (such as rooms) so you can own even more.

Q: What if I hate NFTs?
A: We understand many gamers have a (justified) negative opinion on NFTs. These tokens are completely optional and holding one will not give any advantages when attacking a guardian.

Q: Can I see a list of current NFTs?
A: You can view the list on OpenSea: https://opensea.io/collection/outwar
6/9/22 - General Updates & Illusionist Wave 3:
- Added player healthbars during raids.
- Updated the raid loot display to show 1 item and count per line.
- Added Chaos Damage and Elemental Resist to the myaccount page.

Wave 3 of Illusionist appearances has been released. This wave includes:
- Illusionist Regalia 10-12.
- Illusionist Special 31-40.
- Illusionist Retro 68-90.